Lavender Healing Properties for Pain, Anxiety, or Stress

Lavender Healing Properties for Pain, Anxiety, or Stress

Lavender has long been recognized as a powerful calming tool. Many studies have demonstrated its strong positive effects on anxiety, stress, and mood. In one study, it was found that five days of lavender aromatherapy significantly decreased symptoms of depression. Research has also found that lavender has a calming effect on self-esteem, reducing anxiety and depression when worn by test subjects. Lavender oil is also effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. When combined with other essential oils, you will not only be able to calm yourself down but others as well.


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How to use lavender essential oil in your aromatherapy:

Use lavender oil for its calming and relaxing effects on the body.

Pour a few drops of lavender essential oil on your wrists and rub them together.

Take two drops and place them in your palms.

Use a few drops to massage your forehead and neck.

It may also be used to help fight off nausea and inflammation.

Remember to use a variety of oils to get the most out of your lavender essential oil. Do not hesitate to experiment with the different aromatherapy oils.

You will notice an improvement within a few days to days of adding lavender oil to your aromatherapy.

Note: Do not put the lavender oil on your eyes, especially if you are already in a serious form of eye irritation. Please take your children’s advice! Always take caution with your eyes.

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