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Magnesium Butter Cream

Magnesium Butter Cream

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Natural magnesium oil is absorbed through the skin and into tissues quickly, leading to better health. It is known to reduce stress, promote good nights sleep, with treatment of insomnia. It also provides relieving body pain, boosting insulin absorption, lowering stress levels and more. The formulation of magnesium oil includes a blend of natural organic essential oils and butters which are easily absorbed by the skin.


This cream is a non-greasy skin cream that contains magnesium as a key ingredient. This magnesium body cream is infused with organic ingredients, coconut oil, shea butter, and jojoba oil to give you the best skin care for a good nights sleep and healing throughout your everyday life.

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Customer Reviews

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Ayesha Mohamed

The first time I used this cream, I could not believe how well it worked! The pain goes away almost immediately. I have bought this product many time and it has never disappointed me. I keep at least one at home and work! For this price, this product is a steal! Well worth the money.


This magnesium butter is everything! I've been a healthcare professional over 25 years so I'm no stranger to pain. After working a 12hour shift, I rub/ massaged this product on my knees and feet, and it relieved my pain. It also helps me get a good night sleep. I wake up pain free ready to start my day.
This product is amazing. Give this product a try, you won't be disappointed.