About Us




    Joy N Healing Wellness is a Small Family Business in Northern Virginia that specialize in homemade pain oil, skin and hair care.  Our products are clean, chemical free, without harsh fillers or toxins & we do not test on animals.


    I’m Joyce Jefferson, Founder of Joy N Healing Wellness.

    I started this company from my passion and joy of helping others. I wanted to make something that people could take to alleviate pain without the side effects of toxin medication. I prayed and asked for help in finding the solution and the next time I came across an Essential Oil book where I developed my first pain relief blend (“I Feel Damn Good") and nerve relief blend (“My Last Nerve”).

    I have worked as a Physical Therapist Assistant for over 20 years, I have seen my patients in pain from sports injuries, autoimmune disease, arthritis, nerve pain, chronic pain, and I had a desire to make them all alleviate their pain but in a holistic and natural way. 

    I started using it on my patients and to my surprise they loved it and was thrilled that it really helped with their pain. I had patients pain go completely away after several uses and some patients only used my oil instead of the pain medication. So, with my personal funds, and the help of my daughter, we started working making oils from home.

    To enhance my understanding about essential oils, I took a class and became a Certified Essential Oil Coach. At Joy N Healing Wellness, we believe taking a holistic approach to wellness is always best.

    We here at Joy N Healing believe that individual choice is very important when it comes to personal wellness. Therefore, we make products that give you choices throughout your day without having to worry about harmful after effects. We help you find the joy in healing with our handcrafted products that is made with joy and love!

    We'd love to hear from you and answer any of your questions!

    Feel free to contact us at Joyinhealingwellness@gmail.com