Are your oils & essential oils safe?


We handmade our very own pain reliever oil with a blend of beneficial essential oils. Our oils are 100% natural and fragrance free quality. Some plants have natural therapeutic qualities that can react with prescribed medications. Therefore, to be safe, you must start slow when using a new essential oil.


What do your oils contain?


All of our oils are made with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. We use specific blends such as lavender essential oil which provides pain relief comparable to that of prescription medication. Please read description as not all our products contain the same essential oils.


How much do I need to apply to see results?


The natural essentials help reduce pain in many areas and can be used throughout the day. You may use as much as needed to pain area. 


How long do the oils take to start easing my pain?


Our oils are infused with essential oils for pain relief and within 2 minutes the essentials are already found in the bloodstream. Within 20 minutes they affect every cell in the body. 


Are your oils kid friendly?


Yes our oils are kid friendly from ages 3 and up